Legal Mobile Apps

Legal Mobile Applications

In today’s digital world, a mobile device just might be an attorney’s best friend. No matter where you are, you can read email, speak with a client, check with your office or use the recording function to create a voice memo of a judge’s instructions. And, that’s not all!

Legal apps emerged, as the mobile device market grew. In a few short years, there were legal apps at every turn —apps for time tracking, billing, calendars, communications and Black’s Law Dictionary. Reference apps contain the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Appellate Procedure. In some areas, attorneys can use mobile applications to access court records, dockets and check the Rules of the Court and state Constitutions.

Mobile Website Apps for Law Firms

Now, you can leverage technology for your law firm with a website mobile app for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Like you, clients are on the go. They are traveling, are at conventions, in meetings, social functions or sports events, but still need to stay in touch with you and the status of their cases. Not only does a firm website app increase your visibility, but it will also let clients and prospective clients interact with your firm in innovative ways.

If you are away from the office and run out of business cards, not to worry. If you have a website app, you can invite colleagues and prospective clients to download your app instantly.

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Legal Mobil Apps

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