Reputation Management

Reputation Managment


Need help with online reputation management? What’s Your Internet Image?

With widespread use of computers, communication through facebook, twitter, social media, blogs and forums is faster than ever before. Unfortunately, this rapid dissemination of information also means that informations and facts often aren’t validated, giving rise to “urban legends” and also wrecking havoc with law firm, personal and business reputations.

So How Can You Manage Your Online Reputation?

What businessman or lawyer would not agree? How their law firm or company is portrayed off or online is important. Today when it comes to due diligence, potential clients and business partners do much of their research online – turning to the Internet. Every blog post, web or other article, news story, lawyer or law firm review (and your personal details) are available to any person who searches and takes the time to navigate through cyberspace.

Do Your Homework

When is the last time you did an online search on your law firm or a lawyer? Don’t wait until you have a case, contract, sale, merger, acquisition or other potential deal on the table. What happens if you find negative information online regarding your law firm or a specific attorney? What can you do to correct potentially damaging and erroneous facts?

Take Care of Business

When you encounter some bad press online, check to see whether you can have the information removed or corrected. If the item is from a blog or news feed, chances are the person who posted it there won’t edit or remove it, but it is important for you to try. If the bad press is on a review site or online forum, post a correction or rebuttal.

When search engines have the incorrect or negative information displayed on the first page of search results, it is time for self defense. You will need a pro. Engage a online reputation management marketing firm to get good advice on handling the problem and find out your options.

When your good name or the name of your law firm is at stake, you’ll have to decide, “What is your reputation worth?”

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