What does it take to reach your goals?

Certainly, it has taken perseverance for NASA to land rovers on Mars. “Perseverance” is defined by at merriam-webster.com as “continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.”

NASA’s Mars Exploration Program has embarked on various stages of exploration, all with the purpose of discovery. Its most recent efforts have revisited the goal of discovering life on our neighboring planet. When NASA’s Curiosity rover probed Mars, it revealed that four billion years ago, life similar to Earth’s could have existed there.

Furthermore, NASA has persisted in its exploration of Mars since 1965, when it launched its first successful flyby. In fact, NASA has undertaken numerous launches and landed various rovers on Mars since that time. The latest rover, named Perseverance, has the explicit mission of searching for past life on the red planet.

The rover launched on July 30, 2020 and landed on February 18, 2021 in Jezero crater, which was at one time a lake and river delta. Long ago, Mars had a wet environment. Based on this fact, the rover will collect soil and rock samples, hunt for microbial fossils, and investigate for carbon-containing molecules. Such molecules are building blocks for life as we know it.

What Sets This Mission Apart from Other Mars Exploration?

Since 1976, NASA hasn’t focused directly on searching for life on Mars. This most recent launch, is appropriately named because it will persevere in its initial search. Scientists’ continue their quest to discover life beyond our planet. Can they prove their theories that life like ours exists or has existed throughout the universe?

Web Perseverance Also Lives Up to Our Name

While we’re obviously not rocket scientists, our team at Web Perseverance, Inc. has taken a special interest in NASA’s project. We admire efforts to persist and accomplish goals, which is what we aspire to do with our clients.

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